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Mareas - Adrianne Kyjovsky Quartet

"Mareas" (Sea tides) is the name of a multilayered musical project where different genres such us jazz, folk and flamenco are blending and reflecting the composer's musical vision.


The project is based on newly-composed pieces influenced by meditarreanean sonorities and suggestions inspired by the life in Switzerland. Themes treated in the compositions - with lyrics written in 3 different languages (english, spanish and italian) - are about personal development, travels among realities and perception of changes.


As a result, the new-born project embodies original compositions written for an ensemble with different formations (instrumentalist depending on the piece) and solo voice and has been performed for the first time at the JazzCampus (Basel, 2021) at Adrianne's Bachelor Final Recital.

Some of the pieces will be part of the first Adrianne's discographic project Mareas (Adrianne Kyjovsky Quartet) that will be recorded at the Jazz Campus next February 2022.


Levante Flamenco 

Levante Flamenco  was founded in 2017 and, since than, it is performing in many world-jazz and flamenco music festivals around Europe (among those, the festival of "El Cante de las Minas", Spain) and cooperates with important flamenco cantaores and musicians.


Aside the rich arrangements of already known pieces and songs from the Mediterranean and Latin American traditions, the group composes and performs own pieces, very much influenced by the flamenco and jazz style.


The spontaneous improvisations and the warm music lines make Levante Flamenco be one of the most versatile ensemble in terms of musical styles.


Levante Flamenco’s musicians are actually based in Spain and Switzerland.


Adrianne Kyjovsky Trio

As a composer, Adrianne Kyjovsky wrote original compositions for trio (piano, voice and bass clarinet) that where performed for the first time at the Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians (Basel, 2020).

Her compositions are influenced by folk, flamenco and ethno-jazz music and are based on the contrasts between powerful rhythms and fragile melodies.

The ensemble performs acoustic live concerts creating intimate atmospheres where the listener can travel with the imagination. 

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